Stephen Lapthisophon

Stephen Lapthisophon is definitely an American artist and educator working in the area of conceptual art, critical theory, and disability studies.

Lapthisophon received his MFA in the School from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1979. His early work combined poetry, performance, seem art, and visual arts with postmodern philosophical concerns. He’s also affected by the legacy from the Situationists, who searched for to create everyday existence an emphasis of artistic activity.

Lapthisophon has trained at Columbia College in Chicago, the college from the Art Institute, and also the College of Texas at Dallas. He presently teaches art and art history in the College of Texas at Arlington.

In Lapthisophon’s works, found objects, written texts, and seem tracks are arranged in a manner that enables “layers of meanings, allusions and associations…to amass” within the mind from the gallery-goer. In the 2000 installation “Defense d’afficher”, two large walls were erected within the gallery space and engrossed in fragments of found media, photos, and texts. One reviewer in Artforum known as it an “overload of concurrently public and personalized cultural shards.”

The juxtaposition of fragments of private, cultural, and social history are visible in his 2005 book Hotel Terminus. This curiosity about juxtaposing fragments reaches a lot of his installations, which regularly contain found objects like old eye charts, posters and graffiti slogans.

Lapthisophon’s other work includes seem tracks, site-specific installations, performances, radio broadcasts, books, lectures, and sketches improvised on walls and presented in exhibitions. His jobs are incorporated within the collections from the Museum of recent Art Chicago and also the Dallas Museum of Art.

In 2008 Lapthisophon was awarded the esteemed Wynn Newhouse Award for artists with disabilities. In the statement upon receiving this award, Lapthisophon stated, “Through analysis of problems with permanence and alter in site-specific installations, I really hope to…break lower the barriers between in which the thing of beauty ends and everyday existence begins.”

Lapthisophon graduated having a BFA in the College of Texas at Austin in 1977, and then acquired his MFA in the School from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1979. Also, he studied Comparative Literate and Theory at Northwestern College from 1986-1989. In 2003, Lapthisophon would be a resident in the CentralTrak Artist Residency in Dallas, Texas.

In 1994 Lapthisophon endured a significant degeneration of his vision due to an optic nerve disease, and grew to become legally blind after intensive treatment. His subsequent act as a set up artist, graphic artist, art theorist and seem artist continues to be marked with this experience. A lot of his work comments on, and seeks to redress, the over-focus on a feeling of sight in aesthetic culture.

I personally use my very own blindness like a figure for that ways we interpret the planet through our very own specific framing mechanisms. I are also increasingly more attracted to produce pieces involving a commentary around the physical world as understood through food, cuisine, cooking, and interaction through food and also the art audience. My recent cooking projects have permitted me to speak with all of the senses and look at the interaction in our physical processes.

Food continues to be the topic of his recent installations, for instance in a Berlin gallery known as ZAGREUS Projekt in 2008, and also at a 2009 show in Dallas, however it has additionally been certainly one of his artistic concerns since before the start of his blindness.

2018 Scotoma. Conduit Gallery. Dallas, Texas

2017 The Lengthy Goodbye. Museo en Ciudad Queretaro. Queretaro, Mexico

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2015 Toccare (Non) Toccare. Nasher Sculpture Center. Dallas, Texas

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2012 Isolation, a slender gamut. New You are able to, NY

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