Walter Christie (physician)

Walter R. Christie, M.D. (born September 9, 1942) is definitely an American physician and novelist.

Dr. Christie was created in Bangor, Maine, U . s . States. In a youthful age, he and the family gone to live in Presque Isle, in Northern Maine, to consider over his grandfather’s potato farm. While residing in Presque Isle, Christie attended Presque Isle Senior High School, where he was obama from the student council. He earned a BA in British Literature, having a minor ever, from Bowdoin College in 1964, graduating Cum Laude an M.D. from Temple College Med school in 1968, graduating Cum Laude with special honors in Psychiatry as well as an MFA on paper in the Vermont College of proper Arts in 1988.

Christie trained like a mental health specialist, doing his rotating internship at Maine Clinic in Portland, Maine his Resident I and Resident II in the Neuropsychiatric Institute in the College Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan called the Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Maine Clinic. In 1972, Christie recognized a commission within the U.S. Navy and offered like a Lieutenant Commander and 2nd Marine Division Mental health specialist within the U.S. Navy Reserve at Camp Lejeune, New York. While at Camp Lejeune, Christie offered like a director from the Substance Rehabilitation Center. His commission lasted until 1974.

After his medical training and military service, Christie practiced psychiatry, mainly at Maine Clinic in Portland, Maine. From 1974 to 1979, Christie was the Director of Residency Training and Research. From 1979 to 1988, he was the Assistant Chief of Psychiatry along with the Director of Inpatient Psychological Services at Maine Clinic. From 1988 to 1997, he labored because the Director of Psychological Outpatient Services, after which like a Staff Mental health specialist for that Psychological Outpatient Services from 1999 to 2005. Since 2005, Christie has held a number of medical consultant positions for local and national medical organizations and institutions.

Christie is part of the American Psychological Association and also the Maine Medical Association he is a Fellow from the American Psychological Association since 1981 and is a Distinguished Existence Fellow from the APA since 2004. He was certified through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in 1974.

Dr. Christie has held several positions in the capacity like a physician. Between 1974 and 2005, Christie offered in a variety of positions for that Augusta Mental Health Institute, the College of Vermont, the Southern Maine Association of Cooperating Hospitals, the Maine Psychological Association, the Tufts College Med school, and also the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

In March 2011, Dr. Christie and the wife were traveling via plane from La to Bangkok. Halfway throughout the flight, he endured a stroke. When pilots tried to divert the flight towards the nearest airport terminal, that was Tokyo, japan, Japan, these were told they couldn’t land because of the earthquake which was happening at that time (see 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami).

The plane finally found refuge in Osaka, Japan, where Christie was rushed to some hospital. He and the wife continued to be there for pretty much two days while doctors tried to remedy the results from the stroke. Finally, the pair guaranteed safe passage towards the U . s . States using a medical airlift. The stroke and also the surrounding occasions would be the grounds for Christie’s book, Rising Over the Wave: Surviving Tsunami and Stroke in Japan 2011.

Although he’s been writing short tales and publishing journal articles for several years, Christie started his professional writing career in 2014 as he started crafting his first book, Rising Over the Wave: Surviving Tsunami and Stroke in Japan 2011. It details, inside a narrative form, the storyline of Christie’s stroke he had while flying from La to Bangkok on holiday. It was printed in Fall 2015 by Maine Authors and Publishers.

Dr. Christie may be the person receiving several awards and honorable recognitions of feat, for both his operate in the healthcare industry and the writing career. Included in this are:

Dr. Christie has printed several writings, mainly on medical subjects and awareness. Here is a listing of his most critical works.

Non-fiction works:

Articles for medical journals:

Articles for mental journals:

Articles around the evolution of awareness:

Miscellaneous publications:


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